Our Core values

Jesus is our Lord!
We believe in a Triune God as expressed in the historic affirmations of faith.
We believe the Bible is the inspired and living Word of God. 
We have a rich history valuing our Wesleyan roots and tradition.
We live out our lives as Christian Disciples seeking  to fulfill the commandments and teaching of Jesus Christ.
 We  place a high value on the following:  
  • Prayer;
  • Community;
  • Discipleship and Servanthood;
  • Relationships;
  • Worship;
  • Outreach/Missions;
  • Evangelism;
  • Nurture;
  • Christian Education



Our Vision




Spring Glen serves as a Beacon of Hope

where the Son shines.



The Son shines through SGUMC:

Sharing, Glorifying, Uniting, Ministering, and Connecting. 



Sharing:     We share the transforming power of Jesus Christ.


Glorifying:   We glorify God, putting our Lord first, in all we do.


Uniting:      We are united as the Body of Christ.


Ministering:  We serve and help the needy.


Connecting: We are connected by our love of God and our neighbor.






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Have a seat and rest in God's peace.